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A Mexican wave of street food has hit the capital in the last couple of years (see what I did there).
Wahaca is the brainchild of '05 MasterChef winner Thomasina Miers. 
The menu boasts playful tacos, mighty burritos and authentic tortilla chips. But most impressively, fantastic guacamole. 

The South Bank branch (where we ate) has been cleverly squeezed in between the skate park & Waterloo Bridge. The restaurant is actually recycled from shipping containers!  

It's all deindustrialized with a lick of bright paint and styled by slick lighting & Mexican themed graffiti. We're talking, Día De Los Muertos sugar skulls sprayed high, evil eyes and worshippers of corn. Who can blame them. If I were an Aztec God I'd probably worship corn too. 

Between two we picked five dishes to try

Starting with fresh Guacamole & tortilla chips 

It's worth adding, Wahaca does a delicious variety of vegetarian options. Just as good (if not better) than their meaty partners, like these cactus tacos... 

Next up were marinated chicken taquitos, deep fried & stuffed with shredded lettuce and Lancashire cheese. These are served with sweet tomato salsa, more cheese and sour cream. 
They're perfectly crisp, packed with different textures and were (probably) my favourite.

And then homemade black bean quesadillas with melted mozzarella 

All washed down with a few of Negra Modelo's and Corona's...


If you're in London town check out Wahacas locations here and their menu here.


  1. I love Mexican food and this makes me want to cook up feast at home - next time I'm in London I will definitely stop by and have some nachos :o). Xx

    1. Wahaca is worth a visit for sure x

  2. WOW… the food looks great and the restaurant too.
    I love mexican food :)
    it seems that you had a great time :)

    1. Thanks for commenting Nathalie!

  3. I love Wahaca, it's one of my favourite's for a mexican style kick in London.
    Actually, just had one of their tacos for free today in Trafalgar square, and it was amazing!

    { Teffys Perks Blog } X

  4. the guac looks so fresh!!! would love beer + a taco right now... wait, it's 6am. haha who cares

    xoxo ღ

  5. Cactus tacos? Wow interesting! The chicken taquitos looks really delish!! :)