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Kotor, Budva & Sveti Stefan | Montenegro Photo Essay

Last summer I posted my polaroids from Montenegro, but during a freak I-need-to-get-organised-before-the-new-year kinda day, I drank a four shot flat white and began sorting random drawers. You know the type that have no order; they have cat food, cables, light bulbs, pins, cameras, blue tac...the list goes on. 

When the caffeine wore off, I slumped on to the sofa and began sorting photo folders. Hidden amongst them were my photos from the Bay of Kotor, Budva and a brief stop off at Sveti Stefan. 

They made me miss travelling so much. I want some decent sunshine and lakes...oh summer you're so easily missed! 


Wherever you are I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! Did you get lots of rest & treats? 
Hilariously, Christmas lunch swiftly turned into Christmas dinner this year after an electric malfunction. 
Only on Christmas Day of course! 

Whilst the head elf sorted all the food out, the rest of us walked Scooby along the beach. He sprung along with not a care in the world, with his finest Christmas ribbon flying in the wind.

On the way back, we spotted Father Christmas on the last of his rounds and stopped off at a pub in Kemp Town for a festive drink with the locals and some carol singing. 

Upon our merry return, we were greeted with canap├ęs (those elves do work hard you know) and began dishing out the presents. 


Rudolph Bark

Twas the night before Christmas...

And a little snowy robin hopped on to my windowsill & let me into a Christmas secret: St Nicholas has his eyes on all things delicious, shiny & new this year. He wants a bit of pizzazz at the bottom of that sooty chimney. 
I think he may have finally had enough of those mince pies too, the gossip between the elves is that Santa has a gluten based issue. No pies for him. He's gone all LA on us kids. 

Of course, we've got to cater for Father Christmas's needs (or there will be no pressies!) so we've upgraded to double chocolate marbled Rudolph bark. 

Dark and white chocolate marble, scattered with crushed pretzels and glittered with dried fruit & nuts. 

You'll need:

200g dark chocolate 
200g white chocolate
150g dried fruit & nuts Christmas mix
50g raisins 
25g pretzels 

I used this mix: 

But if you can't get a mix, just use 100g of mixed nuts & 50g of fruit, or the other way round depending on whichever you prefer.

Start by breaking the chocolate up into a microwaveable bowls then melt it in the microwave for 2 minutes.

Double wrap a baking tray with cling film

Dollop the melted chocolate onto the baking tray, taking turns to spoon the white chocolate then the dark chocolate

Now for the fun part, marble it with a thin knife, swish it about. Make a pretty pattern, you know what to do. 

The chocolate may need some teasing with the aid of gravity. Try and get it into a nice block shape.

Toss on the fruit & nut mix 

Sprinkle over the raisins

The salty pretzels help to bring out the flavour in the dark chocolate. So, break off chunks from each pretzel and scatter over the chocolate marbled bark.

 Stick the Rudolph bark in the fridge for an hour or so to set.(Pasta sauce, yoghurt & potatoes optional) 

Et voila!

Snap, break, smash your Rudolph bark.

And to gift any leftovers bunch up in cellophane wrap & add a suitably festive ribbon. 

Enjoy! Eat, drink, & be merry!