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Competitive Pumpkins | Halloween

It's not even about cake and sweets anymore, it's about whose carved the best pumpkin.
It's the first time I've seen ears on a pumpkin though...and the chillies for devil horns are a nice touch, I'll admit that. 
So are the cocktail sticks for a sort of Hannibal Lecter vibe. 
Dang, I think I lost this one.
Until next year! 

Oh, Ring of Fire you always start the night off in peculiar ways! 

I know, I know. Go ahead roll your eyes at me.
Another cat to grace the streets on Halloween.
But my braided ears were a big success! 

I actually used twisted tin foil instead of pipe cleaners (which worked perfectly) and covered bits of foil & the bobby pins with a quick fishtail plait.

I followed this vlogger's tutorial. 
I'm not one for doing massively elaborate hair on myself, so Lets Make it Up was the ideal base to follow. 
It only took me 15 minutes, Kaley gives really clear instructions and looks beautiful doing it! How do vloggers do that? Tell me Blog me your secrets!  

Here is Kaley's cat ear tutorial. 


  1. Anonymous11/12/2013

    Wow, your hair looks awesome! x

  2. Braided ears? Now that's impressive! Your Halloween looked like great fun :)