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Trip To Tenby | Part II

Tenby is like a mixture of Brighton & Lyme Regis. 
Marrying the best of both: the quirky shops and bohemian beer gardens with beautiful Regency/Victorian buildings, a stunning beach & harbour and a rich cultural history. 

I think Tenby has an exotic air about it. The seaside town is hedged with a medieval stone wall, giving it a bit of a European-y vibe; the enclosed feel really reminded me of Dubrovnik. The town is technically foreign as it was established by the Normans and has an Anglo, Welsh, Flemish, French patchwork of a heritage. 

If you're on the South coast of the UK it's obligatory to catch mackerel and line crabs, or at least attempt to!
Crab in Dale & go mackerel fishing here, in Tenby. Tenby, itself, means little fortress of fish, so, hopefully that means a mighty seafood infused dinner.
Along with every pub indulging the menu with today's catch, other foodie pleasures include: amazing cream teas, a giant ice cream parlour & a foodie market on a Friday selling stone oven baked pizza. And sweet tie-dye t-shirts but that's another story. 

We were only there for a short time, but could happily spend a whole weekend playing rounders on the beach, scouting for pirates at the ol' lookout points and exploring the art gallery & museum. 

If you're in South Wales, go to Tenby, GO. 


  1. Beautiful photos!

  2. Thanks for reading Lova!

  3. Argh such a pretty place! Stop making me jealous OK?! I used to do crabbing when I was younger, but now I'm so scared of them that I can't ever imagine how I did it! xxx

    1. haha, nothing to be scared of Becca! x

  4. quirky shops and bohemian beer gardens?! SOLD!

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog ||


    1. And I didn't even go for the hard sell!