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Lopud Island | Croatia

The second half of our adventure to Croatia (the first is here & here) was spent on the car free, blissful little island of Lopud.

Like any island worthy of living on for a little while, it was a bit of a hop, skip & a jump away. 
We got a boat from Gruž  after our journey from the airport. 
Be patient. And stock up before you set out into fully fledged island life. 
Beer, wine, fruit & snacks are all at their cheapest at the big supermarket in Gruž.  

Of course the good thing about catching the ferry is that not only do you get to play captain up deck, but you get to see your neighbouring islands: this beautiful orange villa is on Koločep.

And then you make it; by plane, foot, car, bus & boat. You make it. To your little tranquil island dotted in the Dubrovnik Riviera. 
You drag your suitcase behind you, swapping hands every now and then, as you waddle excitedly along the island's cove to see your nest for the next couple of nights. 
The locals kinda gaze up at you as you hurry past. It's all a bit "You ain't from around here, are ya" (or whatever the translation is to Croatian)!  

First things first: exploring and ice cream. 

But remember kids, no pipe smoking round these parts...

 After a splash about in the ocean we made friends with the locals (sea urchins, meh, not so much).

And to round off the evening we had a beautiful Lopud sunset & the freshest of octopus.

There's the little fella...

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