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Croatia Polaroids: Lopud Island

Lopud is a beautiful, sleepy little hamlet nestled between Dubrovnik and the largest of the Elaphiti Islands, Sipan. What do you think, not bad eh? 

It's the kind of place where everyone knows everything about everyone. There's a lot of banter between locals and tourists alike and if my Croatian were any better I would say gossip too! We watched hotel owners pulling tricks on groups of grannies, waiters making jokes with fishermen and general nods of acknowledgement between, well, everyone. Once we got to grips with the island's clockwork & stayed a couple of nights, heck, we even were! Tourists are always welcomed, but once day cruises have left it feels like the locals give you an extra heads up. 

Extra kudos if you happen to eat ice cream twice daily too...sometimes thrice (what, don't look at me like that... I'm on holiday!) I'm not sure whether our Croatian - ice cream man - Arg from T.O.W.I.E - look-a-like was generally shocked to have so much custom from two young Brits or if he was just shocked we actually wanted to stay on this traditional restful island for longer than a day but either way we were more than thrilled to lap up the free scoops. 

Travellers, always befriend the locals - it can only end well! 

The sense of simplicity and repetitiveness on an island like Lopud is ever apparent; things are just easier, all you have to  think about on Lopud is what to have for breakfast and when's the best time to snorkel. 

To make sure we were as hot and sticky as possible before any dives into the Adriatic's cold currents, we hiked up (a good two hours) to the old fortress perched right on the tipy top of the island. It was just C and I, this view and silence. 

On our way back down we stumbled across the most peaceful beach I've ever been to in my life. In other words we got lost and got seriously lucky! The scenery was dramatic, we had the whole beach to ourselves and the water, well, as you can see...crystal clear even on my ol' polaroid. 

And with sunsets like this... could this island be any more heavenly? 

I think not. 

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