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Brighton's Best Ice Cream

The British seaside and sweet treats go hand-in-hand. Brighton Rock? Maybe. But Italian ice cream at Marrocco's? Always.
Now, I do consider myself a bit of an ice cream connoisseur and let me inform you after tasting the majority of the ice cream on offer in Brighton, Marrocco's Italian Geltato comes out top. 

On this spring morning my wonderful mum and I caught some rays but stayed wrapped up from the cold sea wind. After my obligatory mint chocolate chip scoop I tossed back and forth between the 23 others. Choices, choices...

Ice cream is just so loveable; in the same way cake plays a role in celebrations (okay, a major role in celebrations) ice cream makes things feel like a special occasion. 
You know, it might be drizzly but we're on the beach, hey! Lets have ice cream. Or Britain is finally hot, hey! Lets cool down and have ice cream! Wow, my lips are blue and I'm bloody freezing! You know what would cheer us up? Ice cream!

If it is a sunny day (especially in the school holidays) then be prepared for a wee queue out the door. Its worth the wait though,  you can find Marrocco's here

PS my sunglasses are from Topshop and my mum's are a few years old from Chanel; these ones are pretty similar.  

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