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RHS Wisley | Part II

Ya know, sometimes art just doesn't communicate with you. Well, for me, this looks like one side of a twisty broken pelvis? No one else get that, maybe? Maybe a little? 
I guess that's modern art. 
I was more enticed by the giant leaves. I felt like Alice in Wonderland wiggling round them & ducking under. 
Also, when I'm old and grey, this is (part of) the garden I want. 
Manicured & landscaped. With grass that is strictly no bugs. It's not even grass it's a lawn. A lawn for picnics and reading and dozing.  


  1. Such great pictures! can be a struggle sometimes with modern art. I just end up appreciating how long it must have taken the artist. And sometimes THAT isn't even noteworthy! Oh well. I agree with you on that garden! Gotta love picnics! :)

    1. Can't beat a good picnic in the garden!

  2. How lovely!!! I love to have this kind of garden too.

    REAlity Bites

  3. ah gosh, such lovely photography here! i adore all of the flowers!

    lindsey louise

  4. Anonymous9/03/2013

    What a beautiful little place!