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Walking Welsh Cliffs | Pembrokeshire

The landscape in Pembrokeshire is dramatic, windswept & quiet. 
The Pembrokeshire coastline is the only UK coastal national park, and (I hope) from these photos you can see why. 

We walked for a few hours and saw no man, just wild ponies & moo cows. Of course, the thing with wild animals is that they are marvellously stubborn. The three ponies huffed loudly, pawing the ground. Our horse communication failed to budge them from the footpath. So, we ended up walking alarmingly close to the cliff edge, trying to avoid a shoe full of horse shit. 
Horse attack & near death incidents successfully avoided we marched on along the cliff, until we made it round the bay to beautiful Musselwick Sands. 

Update: come check out my adventures in Sweden and beyond over on Instagram.  


  1. I used to live in Devon and We would see wild ponies all the time. Even being a horse person and owning my own horses, Here that is just never even heard of - Horses never wander freely. I think the wild ponies are probably the happiest, I used to love seeing them. Thanks for sharing your wonderful pictures!

    1. awh, thanks for reading Jessica!

  2. Oh my goodness the wild ponies. I love them.


  3. your entire blog is so lovely! just wondering how old you are and where you are from? :)
    it was exciting to get our first comment so just checked out your blog and was amazed!

  4. awwh thank you so much Hannah & Louise!

  5. Your photos are so stunning Grace! Thanks for dropping by my blog btw! :)

    REAlity Bites

  6. Anonymous8/18/2013

    These photos are gorgeous! I went on a family holiday to Pembrokeshire a couple of years ago and it was utterly stunning :)

    Thanks for checking out my blog, I'm really glad it caused me to stumble across yours :)

  7. Wow! This looks like a wonderful place for a walk! And your pictures are gorgeous :)