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Bore Da Wales

Like all good journeys we set out in the early hours of the morning with only the hope of the open road & breakfast. 
But we eventually made it to Pembrokeshire, with bellies full of  motorway pick-up croissants & crossed the Severn Bridge just as the sun started to peak through the clouds. 
This week I'm staying in this little place.

With this view to wake up to 

And this view to eat dinner to

Dinner has usually been washed down with a few of these

And we're spending most of our days in these

And (of course) eating many of these 

This flavour is Celtic Crunch or Pembroksehire Punch (depending on where you're at!) It's a vanilla-y, honeycomb with nibbly bits of caramel, Amaraetto & dark chocolate. 
Mary's Farmhouse is the best I've found. They do a mean coffee too.

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