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Summer Live Festival

Last weekend we roasted in the sun. in the middle of a field. with zero shade. 
It was stonkingly hot. 
But the food was sizzlin', the music was good & the drinks were iced. 

Sun & beer tent...ahem. 

After watching Nile Rodgers & Chic do their funkay thaangg (his set was off the scale!) C missed the dinner rush queues and grabbed a smoked pork & halloumi ciabatta. 

Feeling like I was in the spanish sunshine, I knew paella was gunna be a good idea. 
Despite the queue, Paellaria was definitely worth it.
Winning concession of the year '12 they've built up a loyal fan base by touring countless festivals across the land. Follow their festival foodie antics on FB.
They serve a chicken & chorizo paella and a vegetable paella with butternut squash & other veggie goodness. I found some shade and tucked in. 
Then it was time for some music. 

Lively as ever Jay Kay was super entertaining & very sweaty - lilac trousers probably weren't a great idea. 
He also got heckled for looking like a "feckin' leprechaun" by the blokes behind. 

"Typical, eh, for once I come as a cowboy & you all come as red Indians". 

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  1. All this sun is definitely making me forget the extra long winter =)
    Hmm paella.. now I know what I want for lunch!

    Teffy || Teffys Perks Blog