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Raft Race

I was cheering on the side of the river's bank in the rain. I was probably about five & I was watching my Aunt paddle down the River with a water gun hooked under her arm. There were water balloons, eggs & flour bombs being thrown left, right & centre. It took me a little while to realise that this was an extraordinary event not just her regular weekend fix.  

That was however many moons ago.
The charity raft race has been going for thirty years now & this year the theme was film characters. 

It was all very Hollywood, with Disney, Pixar & Bond sailing down the Wey. But then things got competitive...

I'm so sorry "The Jungle Book Boaters" but your sinking ship was hilarious viewing! 

Nerds, I present to you: The Starship Enterprise. 
Gotta say though, snow ploughs as paddles - genius! 

And then in last place was the numpties in penguin onesies...Happy Feet?!  


  1. This looks like tonnes of fun! Lol at the sinking boat!

    Corinne x

  2. There had to be one! Thanks for commenting x