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Pimm's Ice Lollies

The best grown up ice lollies.   
Alcohol & ice isn't exactly revolutionary, I know, but sometimes frozen alcohol works really well (especially when it's 30 degrees outside). 
These are cold, sweet & summery. 
They're a little novel, a good talking point & very refreshing. I made them for a bbq last week & handed the 'mini's' mini-milks, & the 'adults' these patriotic lolly pops.

To make (about 10) you'll need: 
4tbsp of Pimm's
25g of icing sugar
200g of lemonade (or you could use cava, ginger beer, sparkling water, prosecco..)
10 strawberries
A few sprigs of mint
And a nubbin' of cucumber, cubed  

On a gentle heat dissolve the sugar in a pan with 125ml of water.  Give it a stir. 

Add 1.. 



4...tablespoons of Pimm's to the sugared water. 

Pop the fruit into the moulds. 

Add the lemonade & Pimm's mixture to a jug (give it a little stir about). Pour it into the moulds. 

Add a mint leaf to each gold fizzy. 

Freeze overnight.
Before handing them out, run them under hot water so they wiggle out for you. 


  1. I've served ALOT of Pimms at work this year and this is such a great idea with all the fruit!

  2. I think you should add them to the menu