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Kensington Gardens

We headed to Kensington Market via the park & tossed about the idea of renting Boris Bikes. 
But after some tooing and throwing we realised my Fedora would fly away & onto the London traffic. I envisioned my black hat flying onto a cabby's windscreen, blinding him & causing a major car crash. The horn would be going and he'd be swearing at me in proper cockney (whatever cockney swearing is) with slang 'n all. 

Maybe I could hold down my hat with one hand and cycle with the other. That could work? 
We thought about it. C thought about it. 

And (quite rightly) thought it was a terrible idea. He was confident my one handed cycling wasn't up to scratch. So, the walk through Kensington Gardens it was then.

Breton Tee from Brittany!  


  1. Anonymous7/01/2013

    Love the Mulberry clutch! Simple yet elegant. Wonderful photos!