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Dubrovnik | Part I

After a dash around the Old Town to get our bearings, we had an ice cream stop under the grapefruit trees of the Franciscan Monastery. Please tell me we're not the only immature ones who make mini ice creams from their cones!? 

Buza Bar is Dubrovnik's only bar built into the side of the cliff & the old city walls. You access it via steep steps, passing the patrolling stray cats as you totter down. 
On our last night in Dubrovnik we cosied up under one of the straw parasols here, with Ozujskos in hand & watched three different lightning storms close in on us. Love a good storm! 
It's relatively quiet in the evenings, but it's the place to be to watch the sunset. Or if you're feeling suicidal adventurous you can jump from the cliffs. As you can imagine it's a little pricey but worth it for the view over Lokrum Island & the Adriatic Sea.

Walking the ancient city walls is a 'must do' in Dubrovnik. Take some water for the walk & the many steps, otherwise it'll cost you about £5 (44 kuna) for OJ! Water is ludicrously expensive at the kiosk huts along the route too. 
Make sure you go either early morning or late afternoon otherwise you'll be fighting your way through hoards of Asians on tours, showing off their snazzy cameras & sweet yellow tour caps.


  1. wow, looks amazing! and the photos are wonderful :)