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Dubrovnik By Night

The best decision we made on our trip to Croatia was to stay in the Old Town.
Right bang, smack in the centre of everything. (Here and here is everything)
We were constantly popping in and out of our apartment, snacking, grabbing more money, changing shoes/bags/clothes. It made our trip a lot more spontaneous not to mention convenient! If you visit Dubrovnik please stay in the Old Town, it might be a bit more costly, but it's so worth it. 
It means you get to see the local's Dubrovnik which is more like this: 

Empty. And quiet & clean & shiny. 

Of course Dubrovnik was beautiful by day but by night it was even more impressive. 

With good looks like this, ice cream parlours open until 2am and live jazz every night, it was impossible not to fall completely head over heals with Dubrovnik and it's Old Town. 

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